Shandi Burrows

Shandi is a paper airplane. She travels from one place to another and stays in constant motion. The places she goes are magnificent and shape her wings. Some try to change her and then she doesn’t fly as far. Some change her for the better and then she can soar for days. The creases on her show the past, but do not define her; the only thing that matters now are the new folds, the people that have thrown her, and the adventures she has gone on.

Kafui Sakyi-Addo

Kafui Sakyi-Addo is an astronaut that has traveled far from home; connector line snapped, drifting among the stars. She wasn’t forced to live up here among endless universes, she chose to. She chose to soar away from the mundane, repetitive world that she once was forced to inhabit, choosing to live somewhere where every day was different from the last, each second was an adventure. She is quite happy now, and enjoys her daily conversations with the moon and stars. every once in a while she looks back and misses certain aspects of her past life, but once you have been reborn amongst the endless sea of stars, you can’t go back. “Good morning world”, she calls back to her old home, each word drifting out of her mouth and getting lost somewhere between the 4,0000th star and the 6,2000th star that she has counted. “The sun says hello.” 


Canaan Karr

Canaan is a fruit bat.Only tending to be active at night he may be scary or startling at first but will mostly mind his own business or be quite friendly. He chooses not to feast on the meats rather the pants that grow around him. Wondering around looking for places to hang, without his glasses he’s as blind as a bat. Even the bands after the fruit bat show songs such as “Absolute Loser” and “You’re Too Weird” this fruit bat feels it describes his to a tee.



Matthew Enfinger

Matthew is a music composition performed by the New York Philharmonic. At one moment he flies high into the sky filled with excitement and color. At another, he can fly low with ease and comfort, accompanied by just the sounds of a few instruments. Most days start out with slow soft music followed by one giant crescendo that glides him through the air, allowing him to accomplish anything put in front of him with great force and emotion. Then, as the busy day comes to an end, the music decrescendos while he prepares for the challenges that are bound to come and restarting his daily cycle of music and passion.


Lakyn Shepard

Lakyn is a hot-air balloon. She wants to stand out and keep her head in the clouds. Most times she lets her imagination and creativity take over, which can be a good thing and a bad one. Reality is one of her enemies and like the burner in the hot-air balloon, it controls how far she can actually go. She loves to travel and go to new places because if she stays in one for too long, she tends to get bored and apathetic. She likes to bring friends along to her adventures and makes sure there is enough room in the basket to bring aboard new ones. She believes God is her pilot, the one always on board, the leader she accepts to follow, and the reason she stays on course.

Anna Deaton

Anna is a honey bee. Dependant on her family for survival and loyal until the end of time. She works tirelessly for others, going from flower to flower without a second thought. Often times she will put herself last in order to take care of those she cares about. Her work may be overlooked by many, but the world is ultimately more beautiful for it.


Rebecca Shin

Soon to be launching off into another world, Rebecca Shin is preparing for take-off to explore a universe she’s never ventured. Excited for the journey ahead of her, she’s ready to blast off from the planet that trained her through every trial and error. Counting down until her launch, she will fly off into the cosmos as the pilot of her own story. One small step for Rebecca, one giant leap for her future.




Lauren Pennington

 Lauren Pennington is balloon floating up and up, occasionally getting stuck on life treacherous tree branches, power lines, and occasionally tied around a toddlers wrist. She lighter than air, but easy to pop.





Chris Morris

Chris morris never follows the path of the wind, but simply goes against it. setting his own path and not the path others want him to. When the wind blows he does not move. when the crown moves one way he goes the other. when others are running away from their fears and responsibilities. he walks towards it. he faces his problems and kills his demons. and never becomes a follower.He does not let the wind decide where he goes.




Gracie Poehlman

Gracie Poehlman is not your common loon (Gavia immer)–she is instead a most uncommon, unusual bird. Her loon’s plumage is permanently askew from her hurried flights, dull and drab like most female birds. But underneath her speckled brown feathers lies an explosion of purples, blues, greens, and yellows; her inner symphony rarely shows itself, except in her creations where she adds a stray one or two. These hidden feathers buoy her as she floats atop the sea of life, struggling to take off, but once she spreads her wings wide enough she knows life’s breeze will be cold and free and glorious.


C. Audrey Harper

Audrey is blank space. Filler, the expanse between two entities, riding the line between greatness and absolute nothingness. She’s unfound potential. No plan, no schedule. She’s waiting to be written, waiting to be heard. She teeters from hopeful prospects to hopeless attempts at living. She’s not too well balanced, her fingers often hang from the edge of this tightrope of success and absolute catastrophe. Below her lays mangled up dreams and pools of uncertainty, above her lays stars she cannot reach and a fruit branch that seems to fall out of her grasp every time. So she’ll continue on her tirade of bareness, because you can’t fall if you never rise.


Jenny Baldwin

Jenny Baldwin is a curious robin. She sits in the trees and stares down at the giant, strange machines that rush underneath her. She is the bird that is interested in the things she does not understand, and always wants to get a closer look. She is the robin that swoops down to the hard, smooth, rocky path that the machines traverse. She is the bird that flies alongside mystery, hoping to get a closer look at what is in the windows but never able to catch up in time. She is the bird that takes the change, attacks the machine, and hits her head on the way down. She doesn’t die, but she doesn’t learn either. Glass is just too clear for her to see.


Trevor Stewart

Trevor is not your average bird. When winter comes his peers fly off somewhere warm. Yet he remains. Rather than flying his transportation method is to swim. Though the media will make him out to have happy feet he Is cool under pressure.





Noah Vermillion

Noah is a skydiver. He takes a leap without thinking first. He free falls into the wind and watches the earth get closer. Remembering to pull the shoot just in time and barely surviving a rough landing, he struggles to stand up but manages to highfive friends. He wonders why the others choose to be stuck on the ground, bored to death.


Sarah Lovelady

Sarah Lovelady is a harpie. With the body half of a bird and half a woman, she is different. Different than everybody else, but a good different. She is uniquely different, weird almost. Crazy, loud, adventurous. She has her good days and has her bad days. The good days bring her joy, and the other days make her feel like she is flying. Floating off into oblivion, not knowing where she will end up next. Her future is calling, and soon she will be somewhere where nobody will know. But she will flying, but with a happier tone.



Laurel Hannah

Laurel is a quirky duck. While she looks like everyone else she stands out in her own unique way, apart from the crowd. She is not afraid to walk her own path, swim her own way, or fly away to new places. When she has an idea or a dream she flies into it without thinking, pursuing it wholeheartedly. Sometimes she doesn’t look where she is flying and ends up in a bad situations like crashing into trees, ponds, houses, poles, buildings, and or other birds (the possibilities are endless). She is a little more awkward and clumsy than most birds, but thankfully doesn’t take herself too seriously. She believes every awkward or embarrassing moment can become a good story and a funny memory. She loves to make others laugh and make others happy. Even though she isn’t afraid to be different she still cares what the others think of her. She is not afraid to try new things. Change is what she lives for and believes it makes life interesting. A new place, new friends, new day, the endless possibilities every day. After all what is life without   change?


Janice Hendrick

Janice Hendrick is a kite being tied down by a measly twine string. Yearning, every day to be set free and let the wind take her wherever it blows her. Yet she is restrained. Never able to fly with the current of the breeze. Forever cemented by the threads held by the hands of life and pulled by the strong arms of death. One day she will fly away when the shears of courage cut the string away and let her soar.




Andrew Cathey

Andrew Cathey is a Victoria crowned pigeon. He’s a large bird with a blue/grayish coloration. When they come into contact they make a deep, muffled, and rather human-like ummm or hmmm. He is a rare species of pigeon that mainly stays on the ground. He has the ability to fly, but he rejects it. He’s a bird that refuses to abide by what it’s species demands. He shall carve its own path, walking through life, rather than conforming to his elevated kinsmen.

Savannah Plume

Savannah Plume is butterfly. Small, but at the same time significant. Those who ignore her are left inches away from treasure. She is easy to overlook, but those who do notice her presence are able to respect her beauty. When she flaps her tiny wings, storms are formed from far away. Leaving an impact where no one expected it.





Casey Kula

Casey is a mockingbird. She comes out as a tiny weak bird. Though, when in happiness or danger she will open her beak into change. These powerful calls scare the predators away and worn those who are kind to her to escape evil’s torments. She gives off the sounds of her compassion and creativity. After they hear her calls, they don’t see her as small, but proud, determined, and colorful. Casey is not just a mockingbird. She is its song.




Phaedrus Taylor

Phaedrus doesn’t dance upon the wind or walk among the walls of air… He doesn’t hover with spinning blades nor propels with a flap from his mighty wings fore he has neither. Without a way to catch the wind, without those fingers to help him climb higher… he rests upon the updraft that carries him but never makes the effort to reach up. Air slips between fingers and there is nothing left to grip… while others keep flying, he has reached his tip.




Megan Sheehan

Megan Sheehan is balancing a dozen things on one pair of wings. One shift in the wrong direction and everything will fall, taking her with it. She soars through her life under the colossal weight of numerous demands. She longs for rare moments when her burdens are released, allowing her to be free, floating away from every worry. However, she put the weights on herself. She thrives because of their endless challenges. She keeps them even though they slow her down. Many wonder why she retains these weights. One day they will realize the reason for her struggle when she has the strength and endurance to fly as far and as fast as she could possibly dream.


Zach Johnson

Zach Johnson is a glider. He can’t start anything alone, but after a little help, he can go far. His work is largely determined by the wind, which shifts his attitude and pitch. Without an exterior, driving force he cannot do much, but once inspired, he is just as effective and nimble as the competition.